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Billy's Towing


billys free junk car removal and cash for junk cars has been in buisness 7 years 7 days a week 7am to 7 pm (and sometimes later) helping people with their free junk cars and giving cash for some junk cars in the greater seattle area. Properly licensed and insured

Junk car removal and cash for junk cars is generaly based on scrap value. even if your junk car can sell some parts whats left becomes more costly to dispose of then its worth in scrap metal. so if scraps at $250 a ton or $30 a ton makes a big difference for what your junk car removal is worth. currently scrap value is really low so we are mostly doing free junk car removal in select areas but if your car is newer and a model we think will part out well or could be resold we still offer cash for some junk cars and trucks + free junk car removal. typicaly cars 04 or newer.. or lexus , tacoma, tundra, honda acura subaru hybrids turbo diesels 4x4 etc. call or text for a quote. 2 first questions will be what year/make/model? and where is it located? thanks for checking out billys junk cars cash for junk car free car removal seattle and have a good day :)


we have flatbeds and currently are not able to retrieve unwanted or free junk vehicles from parking garages or do long cable winchouts to remove junk cars i had to sell the truck after i was T-boned in a accident hopfully ill have another line truck soon to do junk car removal with but untill then Billys junk car can remove 2 3 or 4 vehicles at a time and Billys junk car has cleared out spaces with a dozen or more junk cars in a very short amount of time.